One of India's largest, best equipped and most experienced Packers & Movers organizations, Lucknow Packers Movers specializes in servicing the needs of today's demanding corporate market. Lucknow Packers Movers responds to the needs of our corporate clients nationwide, with a dedication that delivers exemplary service. Our high standards of personalized care are distinguished by experience, efficiency and expertise. Landing ahead is the best way to ensure your office moving day goes smoothly, so Chess Moving has composed an office checklist to help you prepare your office resources for relocation to their new site. Contact your nearest Packers and Movers Lucknow office or E-mail us for further advice and quotation.

Take a look at our Office Relocations Helpful Hints.

The following checklist helps you and your staff to plan and prepare for the relocation of your office resources to your new site. Prepare Your Destination Floor Plan It is important that floor plans be prepared showing the position and floor level for all furniture and equipment at your new premises. Floor plans should use an allocated numbering system and colour coded labels to ensure the correct positioning of all items.

  • Plan a place for everything to go.
  • Will all your existing office resources fit your new office floor plan?

Planning Access
Parking Facilities

  • Check for any height restrictions
  • Are loading docks available for use?
  • Is a police or muncipal permit required for street parking?

Access to buildings and floors

  • Are all doorways wide enough?
  • Are the lifts big enough?
  • Are there any acute angles in corridors?
  • Are there any extremely heavy items (e.g safes) to be moved?
  • Are there any extremely large items (e.g. compactors) to be moved?

What Lifts are Available?

  • How many lifts are available?
  • Are they available exclusively during your move?
  • Do they have to be booked and who is responsible for booking them?
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